Finally, as promised!

Hi all,

yes it’s true I really have made a second blog update within the space of a week… can get off the floor and back on your chairs now. :)

I’ve had several queries from fellow Module 3 attendees asking about my sessions and what plan I’ve followed etc.
Unfortunately I am still waiting assessment due to “logistical and political” issues shall we say, however. I have spent some time this week stripping the club specific and player specific information from the sessions I put together in my folder and they are now available for you to download and have a look at here:

YAM 3 Process Board Pack – Playing Through The Thirds

Please feel free to make use of them as you see fit and let me know any thoughts or comments. The idea behind this really was over the 10 week period try to get the Under 8 age group used to the concept of playing through the thirds / zones and giving them opportunities to try to use the tools that could help them to do this effectively.

Now, not all of the sessions worked out as I’d planned them in my head I’ll be honest but then that self evaluation (and the buckets of paperwork to fill in about it) is fundamental to the module 3 and Youth Award as a whole. There was however, overall, a good progression from the kids and that was noted in additional paperwork that sadly I can’t include due to child protection etc.

Anyhow, like I said let me know what you think, I’m always eager for feedback.

Many Thanks


Download PDF

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